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Hello world!

Welcome to AllSome Gift blog.

First, we would like to share our intention in writing these blogs. Of course, it is for sharing purpose. But, it existed mainly due to that after years of experiences and been through a lot, seem like everyone is still discussing the same topic for presents.

What to gift? To be more exact, which to gift? Although these choices could be really different from one person to another, we are trying to make a general guidance for general seekers. It might not be perfectly accurate as there are too many factors that will influence the final preference. However, as mentioned, we are trying to serve just as a general advice. And, we are trying to be as accurate as possible.

We have designed an algorithm to assist you to determine what to gift at here. Feel free to try it out, always.

We used to say, we are a team of Heart Walkers. We walk into the heart for gifts, that’s the reason we are here, walking restlessly, onto the hearts. If you happened to have any idea to share or keen to join us, please do not hesitate to reach us at hello[at]allsome.gift or here.

All the best and cheers!