Eternity Thumb Book

Eternity Thumb Book

There was once a legend happened in a small country during the middle ages of Europe. At that time, the warriors fought their days for their kingdom, living and suffering through blood and fire. Among them, there was a Dark Knight who wasn’t lucky enough to get married with his beloved one before he had to go for the war against the invaders. Soon, when the war ceased, the Dark Knight rushed back to his homeland where their love was grown. However, he was too late, his entire hometown was damaged and no longer existed. Everywhere was just a mess, nothing was left for the Dark Knight, except the memories.

Love Warrior

The Dark Knight wandered aggrievedly around his lovers’ home, striving his very best with the hope to find pieces out of the mess. And, finally he collapsed and drown himself under the deep sea of sadness, he knew he had lost everything, lost his true love of his life. However, when the moment the Dark Knight slumped on the rubbles, he saw the letters that his lover wrote for him. Unfortunately, the words were no longer complete after been through the restless burning war.

Burning Love

His lover was gone. But, the war continued. Without any choice was given, the Dark Knight returned to his army. Whenever he missed his loved one, he could only write to mend his endless pain of losing her. However, on the fierce battlefield, there was no place for him to store his thousands of words. One day, when the Dark Knight was staring at the floor and saw the tiny pebbles, he was inspired that he could write all his love onto a thumb-sized book. From then onward, whenever the Dark Knight missed her, he would write up paragraphs of love to her, which he didn’t have the chance to tell in person.

Eternity Thumb Book

Later, in a major mutiny, the Dark Knight were ambushed. When he was rescued, it was already too late. He sent his last words to his best brother before he died. The Dark Knight entrusted him to bury all the Thumb Books which were written by him for all these years, back to his homeland, at his lover’s yard. The Dark Knight died with tears but with the faith that after hundreds of years, he will reborn with his love memories. And, they shall meet again, in a peaceful world, where this is no more war and no more separation.

Love Met Again

His best brother didn’t turn him down, he finally sent him back to their homeland, buried all his love deep down to his lover’s land. And, he named the full box of Thumb Books as “Eternity”. With the great wishes that someday and somewhere, the Dark Knight shall meet his lady again at the evening park, just like how they were first met.

Love Shall Continue