AllSome Gift - Notebook

Record Beautiful Things, Gift Special Journal to Your Love One

Time could fly and fade, only memories will be treasured always, gift for her or him a more than special notebook, to write down all wonderful memories between you two. The memories of love seem like red wine, the longer time passed the richer flavor tasted. When you get old, sit with each other, read the journals you both recorded, you must be touched by met your love in this life, you must be satisfied with well known each other in this life, and you must be happy for going together with your love through this life.


1. Paperblanks Europe Silver Filigree Notebook
Paperblanks is a fantastic brand for writing journals in Ireland. They believe that the journal is one of the oldest artistic forms, thus, they produce every journal with a very serious attitude, to appreciate the rich artistic history of human culture. This notebook is more likely an artistic gift, which is crafted with a 3D hollow graphic, sophisticated, elegant and natural. A perfect gift for your perfect her. Click Here for this AllSome Gift

2. Paperblanks Europe Vintage Notebook
Simple geometric pattern covers, colorful ribbon label, more suitable for who loves England or Europe Vintage style, showing an empire style by using such a notebook. Paperblanks adopts modern technology and unique paper binding, brings for her or him Safavid’s inspiration and production technology, and elegantly shows this binding art during Renaissance. Click Here for this AllSome Gift


3. Daycraft Duet Business Notebook
Inspired by how people thinks where the left brain is very much related to logical thinking where the right brain is full of imagination. This design allows the users to flip from 2 directions, allows your gift recipient to generate works by including their logical thinking with imaginations! This combination of rational and creativity, is a great gift for creative gift recipient with artistic sense and great intelligence. Click Here for this AllSome Gift


4. Cookie Notebook
Feeling hungry? Let’s have some cookies here! Well, you can have the cookies, but, just don’t bite on it. This design is suitable for your foodie her or him, it’s fun and cute. Taking a cookie notebook out for teas, not a bad idea. In fact, it is a great and interesting idea. Click Here for this AllSome Gift


5. Creative Nostalgic Notebook Sketch Book
Creativity, the fundamental sense for artistic person. And, this gift can definitely satisfy the expectations. It’s classical and stylish with 3 creative designs to choose from. With great quality and it is very durable. 176 of blank pages could allow your gift recipient to draft and note down anything that’s important to him.
Click Here for this AllSome Gift


6. Genuine Leather Sketchbook
The rustic leather cover is made from high quality leather that can last for years to come. The acid-free, cotton pages are the perfect surface for wring or sketching with a pencil, ball pen, or fountain pen. Gift for artistic her or him, to record her or his adventures, poetry, sketches, and other wonderful things. Click Here for this AllSome Gift