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AllSome Track is a parcel tracking system which is meant for online merchants and buyers to keep track and get notified regarding their parcels, in one place, with a single mobile number. With AllSome Track, online merchants can keep track of their parcel statuses easily. Not only this, buyers will get SMS notification automatically when the parcel is collected for shipment and when the parcel is out for delivery to their doorsteps, for FREE.

Hence, no more “What’s my tracking number?”, “Where can I track it?”, “Where’s my parcel” and “When’ll I receive it?”. Besides, great parcel tracking experience can significantly increase the buyer customer satisfaction and sense of security. In result, it will increase your customer retention rate and growth.

With the intention to ease our online merchants’ efforts in updating tracking information across multiple platforms, AllSome Track has integrated with and 11Street. This tutorial is going to describe how online merchants can sync the tracking entry onto after creating and/or updating tracking entry in AllSome Track.

Step 1: Retrieve API Key
To begin, online merchants must be online merchant with NetPay verified. You may need to complete API Integration form (here) and email to, the full procedures can be viewed through here. Once you have received the key which acts as the Application ID, it is the Lelong API Unique key that we are looking for. The key format is something similar to “19d2c632-9e32-45a4-abd3-e8c29f0db17”.


Step 2: Save the API Unique Key to AllSome Track
Online merchants must have already registered a free account with AllSome Track here. Now, login to AllSome Track with the registered mobile number and password through our login page. Navigate to API Keys management page by clicking on “settings” below your username from your left menu, choose “Edit API Keys” from the drop down sub menu. Or, you may also navigate to this link after login.


11Street API Image 2

Next, just paste the Lelong Key that you have received and your Lelong username onto the “Lelong API Key” and “Lelong Username” textboxes. Then, click on the “Submit Entry” button below. Done!

Lelong API Image 2


Step 3: Create AllSome Track parcel track entry
From the left menu panel, click on “Tracking“, then choose “New entry” from the sub menu. This will navigate you to the page to create new tracking entry. Now, just choose “Logistic Company”, enter the “Tracking ID”, “Recipient Mobile No.”, “Platform” (Choose “Lelong” for “Platform”) and enter the “Order ID” (Lelong order ID); then click on “Submit Entry” button.

You’re done, your tracking information should be synced to your order. For any issue, please contact us through: or live chat.

Thank you for using AllSome Track.


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