3 Key Thinks for Tiny Merchant “To-Be”

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3 Key Thinks for Tiny Merchant “To-Be”

Tiny, means budget. To earn extra income during your very limited free times with the least cost, becoming a tiny merchant can be an option. But, it may not be as simple as you think. In case, you’re still thinking regarding where to start or how to become an online merchant that may bring you extra income; we may start thinking from the following aspects:

Customer & Product
If you don’t have much time (most probably you have a full time job, including taking care of your kids), then think of the most handy potential buyers around you. In short, know who you can sell to. Commonly, they can be your family, relatives, friends, colleagues and even your bosses! Then, think of somethings that you can potentially sell to most of them. For example, if most of your potential customers love traveling, you may start selling selfie stick and accessories. So, fully utilized your resources to maximize your sales within your very limited available times is the main key!

Whether or not to hold inventory, it depends on your affordability and risk level. In another way of saying, if you’re not at least 90% certain that the inventory can be cleared within 3 months, don’t bother to have physical inventory. It will not be a good option to lose money onto inventory whereby we first started up with the goal of earning extra income.

Although fast delivery may promote sales, actually the buyers are quite patient. Don’t be surprise that buyers can wait, even it may take up to 1 month. The delivery speed here is also referring to the delivery speed for updates. Answer all their concerns and potential questions before they even think of it, such as tracking information. Even though there’s a delay, be honest and most of the buyers are still very reasonable. Try to choose your delivery company wisely too as it will be quite miserable when packages are untraceable and the courier company is unreachable too.

In order to earn from sales, you need to have a committed transaction. And, in order to have a customer to pay for the transaction, you need your buyer to trust you. You may have the best deal in the town or even across the entire Internet universal, still you need your customer to trust you and pay you the money for orders. But, always remember, you can earn less but never ever ruined your reputation. If a potential buyer did not buy from you for this time, they may be your future customer. But, when the trust is lost; it’s the end.

After all, always be clear that customers want to buy usable stuff. To the least expectation, it can be used. Spending even RM1.00 for unusable item is considered as expensive. Customers want to buy cheaper item, not cheap item that does not serve its function. It may not be a simple task to be a tiny merchant. But, as long as we serve with true heart, the respect and trust that laid on us are those that we will earned. Happy selling!

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