Does Package Tracking Really Matter, Merchants?

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Does Package Tracking Really Matter, Merchants?

Either you are tiny, small, medium or large merchants, for even one single second you thought it may not necessary to have a package tracking system; you might not have spent enough time with your customers. Though it seems normal to do e-commerce these days, it requires quite a big sum of trust from your customers to buy from you. After payment is made, it’s not over. At least, for the buyers.

Tracking Number #
Customers paid you with their hard earn money. And, customers are not going to ignore the delivery progression easily. They will request for tracking information, especially for transactions which do not happen through e-commerce platforms. And, don’t be surprise they will be asking for tracking number after 5 minutes they have informed you that they have made the payment.

Where’s My Package
Okay, first and foremost, the processes for online commerce generally look as follow:
1. Customer paid
2. Merchant check order, pick the product, pack it
3. Merchant contact courier company (such as Poslaju) for pick up
4. Courier company sent the postman to pick up
5. Postman arrived back to their hub (you can image it as post office)
6. Hub admin weighs the packages and scan them into system ONE-BY-ONE
7. Hub arranges distribution
8. Postman pick up from hub and out for delivery
9. Finally, customer receives packages.

First of all, it’s fair enough that customers may need to understand that merchants do not own Poslaju and SkyNet and CityLink Express. So, sometimes, for some interesting reasons, the courier company might not able to pick up the packages from the merchants. And, even if the packages are picked up, actually, it requires several hours or even one day for the courier company to check in the picked up packages because postman travels with lorry, not rocket.

From the perspective of merchants, you may be thinking that everything is completed the moment you passed your customer their tracking number. Then, you’re so wrong! It’s just the beginning. With the strong dedication from customers to get their tracking number, it’s not surprising that they will somehow from somewhere manage to get your direct line and your mobile number. And, rest assured they will call you until you pick up. Then, they will usually ask questions like “Where is my package?”, “When do you want to delivery it?”, “What’s my tracking number again?”, “Where should I track it?” and “I called the courier company and cannot get through”…

Every day, expect the same routine for package tracking Q&A. And, with an average of 15 packages per day, you can expect at least 4 hours spent on just checking and answering this. If you’re concerned of the quality of your customer service, we recommend AllSome Track package tracking system. The system will automatic notified your customer through text message when the package is collected for shipment and when the package is out for delivery. With AllSome Track, the tracking number is the customer’s mobile number. They can track easily by just using their mobile number!

It’s Not the End
Fulfilling an order shouldn’t be the end. It’s just the beginning of another new order! Engage them through what they care of (the delivery of their package) by providing more information of what you can further service or provide.

It’s not easy to be a merchant these days. But, when we serve, we serve with the best we have. Join AllSome Track and gain your customers an awesome package tracking experience!

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