Let’s Gain Your Sport Momentum from This Awesome Pant

If life lies in movements, then the great mood of exercise must be started from eye-catching outfit.




< Professional Production and Design >


This eye-catching and comfortable workout pant came from China LAVIE.Q. Their main production categories are focused on fitness, jogging and yoga wear. While guarantee the production quality for their professional fitness products, LAVIE.Q has also blended in fashion design element onto their products; dedicating their passion to create wonderful sport wear with both sense of beauty and functionality.


This gym pants are made of quality elastic material (87% Nylon, and 13% Spandex). Say goodbye to your uncomfortableness during your intense workout sessions; enabling you to release yourself to the fullness. It helps you to lift your hips and enabling you to present your perfect body shape.




<Combining Function and Fashion >

Different from most of the workout pants, this pants’ see-through look on several lines which releases the heat feeling while you doing tense sessions.It does not only ease your discomfort from heat, it even layered with sense of fashion. Apart from presenting your sport posture to its fullness, it witnesses your attitude towards beauty and fashion!



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