Your Next E-Commerce Road Map: South East Asia

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Your Next E-Commerce Road Map: South East Asia

Why Should You South East Asia

Gigantic market: How big is South East Asia e-commerce market? To keep it short, it’s a US$88 billion market by year 2025.
Blue Ocean: As South East Asia has just warmed up and gained its speed, it’s a US$88 billion blue ocean market.
Social commerce reachable: Facebook is the Internet for many people in South East Asia. Buyers can be reached directly without physical presence.
Low competition: Merchants do not need to go through price competition with others. Impress your audience through social media ads and get your orders, automatically.
Low cost: You can get most goods from China and the cost of goods is usually low.
Stable cross-border infrastructure: The shipping infrastructure from China to most of South East Asia countries can impressively support 3 – 5 days door-to-door shipping.
Low risk business: Pay for goods only after you’ve sold to customers without holding inventory. Low risk and with high customer satisfaction.
Easy to start: You can start selling the day you want to.
It’s never too late to make it. It’s never too late to try.

As modern online merchant, South East Asia is definitely an immediate e-commerce venture market that you couldn’t miss!

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