Great News! ALLSOME Next Day Delivery for “Double 11”

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Great News! ALLSOME Next Day Delivery for “Double 11”

Order before 11AM on 11 Nov!
Receive by 12 Nov!

With the fast-spaced lifestyle, great and happy online shopping experience will be the key for customers’ purchase decision making.
Superior and fast delivery service will definitely drive more traffics to online retailers and merchants.
“Next Day Delivery” – the premium service for this Crazy “Double 11”!

Imaging that you are selling the most popular Miracle Sponges, through a beautifully designed website or platform, promoted by a world-class marketing team, with wonderful customer service. But by the date of the “ Double 11 “, the shipping system crashed because of overloaded orders, then everything become out of control. The customers who purchased this are dying for using it to perfect their makeup for celebration parties…….

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Don’t worry, you have ALLSOME, the most reliable and efficient E-Commerce Fulfillment Solution Team!  Let us to help you delivery your products from end to end.


Happy Buyers, Happy Seller.

“ WIN WIN “ – Happy Shopping Experience for Customers, Great Branding and Service for Merchants.

Next Day Delivery ~ Premium Service ~ World-Class E-Commerce Fulfillment Solution for Online Retailers & Merchants

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From small phone cases to a king size bed, we are here to fulfill all your needs. A superior fast delivery service with a range of tailored features.

Join Us,  making the ALLSOME “Next Day Delivery” service for “ Crazy Double 11”!

And, let the others crying for their delayed parcels !!!

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