5 Hacks for Better Instagram Stories!

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5 Hacks for Better Instagram Stories!

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If you have 10 to 15 seconds to show up your product and service to 300 million people. How do you catch their eyes and boost the conversions?


Instagram Stories are Super Fun!!!

It is a quick, engaging format perfectly suited for mobile experiences. 


Designing your Instagram story, it is important to catch your audience’s’ eyes quickly!  Mastering the hacks of Instagram stories will help to save your brand time, money and energy meanwhile increase sales, generate leads and gain traffic!

Find Your Instagram Stories Stickers

At the top of the screen, is where you can access all of the different Instagram stories stickers, start a story post with a photo or video. tap the sticker icon( square smiley face)



Various sticker options:
Location, Temperature, Clock, Date, Hashtag, Mention, Polls, Question, GIF,  and Slider.


Among those choices, there are 5 essential stickers which can help you greatly enhance your Instagram Stories content.


1. Add A Location

A location can only be posted using the Instagram sticker. The location tag is the best choice for Instagram Story. Nearly every location has an aggregated Instagram Story, using instagram story can help attract and reach more audiences to your content. Especially if  your story segment is picked up and featured by Instagram for a particular location, you’ll get a boost in eyeballs on your story.



2.Add A Hashtag

Setting your profile to public and adding a hashtag, your stories will be featured on the Explore tab. Hash tag sticker are extremely powerful when you start a campaign! Create your own unique hashtags and add them to your story that will highlight all that amazing user-generated content provided by your audiences. It is a great way to increase engagement and awareness of brand!



3. Instagram Stories Polls

What is the easiest way to increase interactions and engagement with your audiences?  The Polls Sticker!!!  This super cool sticker has the option to add your question and then a Yes/No poll box will appear.They are creative ways to display the slider on your story and even add other cute components to the context of the slider.  Trust me!  People can never say no to this simplest engagement. Just need one tap for contribute to the rank, why not?



4. Input With the Questions Sticker

Questions Sticker is the most effective way to get direct feedback from your audience. Asking your audience targeted questions, will help you get to know them better and help create more of the content they desired. Using Questions stickers will also drive community engagement around your content.



5.Top Tip:

Each sticker has editable backgrounds or styles. When you use any of the #Hashtag stickers, Location or @mention etc. they default to the colour and background you see on the sticker option in the tray.


You can actually change the default colour and style to your favorited one.  Tap the sticker after it placed on your story page. Rotating through colour and style options to find the best one from various text colours, styles and backgrounds.

WechatIMG234 WechatIMG235 WechatIMG236

Are you excited to try all of those above awesome stickers now ? 

Let’s go Instagram Story and makes your brand fun!


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