3 Benefits For Conducting Quality Control

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3 Benefits For Conducting Quality Control

How to minimise your product defects so that you can lower your risk of product returns, unhappy customers and many other costly and avoidable problems?

The answer is simple: quality control.

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Why do you need to conduct quality control?

It’s difficult for your manufactures or suppliers to produce and send you the products that 100% meet your quality standards and requirements.

So quality control is essential, and it will be especially helpful if:

  • Your first-time making order from a supplier and unable to see the quality of products.
  • There are expensive or fragile materials or components for your order need to double check before sending out to end customers.
  • There are issues happen in previous orders that your customers received from this supplier.

Incoming quality control can help to identify the defects and other issues of products from the very beginning and get solved with the lowest cost.



Three Benefits of Quality control:

1. Quality control saves more than just shipping cost.

A good quality control can minimise your product defects and lower your risk of product returns. It saves more than just shipping cost. At the end of the day, you will realize that the time and money you spend on fixing the return and exchange order issues are far more than you expected.

2. Quality control maintain customer loyalty

If the product comes with a problem when your customer receives it, then it will be less likely for them to purchase from you again!  On the other hand, a customer who receives a great product will happy to leave a good review on your page and might consider repurchasing from you in the future.

3. Protect your brand and business reputation.

The inspection of accurate products features and quality will help ensure that your brand image will be protected. A lot of online merchants are suffered from the bad reviews and the related punishment from PayPal and Facebook due to defective merchandise, inaccurate orders, and even delayed shipments.


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