Why You Should Be Focusing on Customer Retention?

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Why You Should Be Focusing on Customer Retention?

Do you know? the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than that of retaining the existing customers. If you provide the right products or services as you boast to offer, the customer is more likely to return to you in need.

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Why you should be focusing on customer retention?

1.Lower marketing and advertising cost.

You can save time and money from targeting the new customers and convince them to purchase from you. Besides, existing customers can give you valuable feedback to improve your service and product.

2.Better conversion rates.

If your existing customers had a good experience from the very first transaction, trust and confidence have already been established. It will be easier to attract them to buy from you again as you already know their needs.

3.Boost profits.

As long as your existing customers enjoy their first purchase experience with you, they trust you already. Through cross-selling and up-selling, they will be more interested in your other products and services. In addition, existing customers are not that focused on price comparing with new customers.


How Can AllSome Help With Retaining More Existing Customers


1.Reliable product delivery  
Fast, accurate and affordable smart e-Commerce fulfilment solution, 24/7 tracking.

2. Personalisation
Quality brand packaging:
– Wrapping products with beautiful quality paper;
– Insert promotion flyers or thank you card
– Sealed the package with logo sticker for brand recognising;

3.After sale service
Order Return and Exchange.
Simplest return and exchange delivery method with the most competitive rate.

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