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Efficient and Affordable Return and Exchange Service

More than 90% of customers said that the return and exchange policy of an online store was a key factor for their purchasing decision making. A great return service will be the key to support your return policy.


Having a quick and effective return policy is crucial for online business. Unlike the offline retail store, online consumers are unable to see and try the physical product before they buy it.  And a good return and exchange shipping will help to speed up the return and exchange process and save on cost. Build up the trust between your business brand and customers and increase the chance for repurchase in the future.

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Return and Exchange Management

We take the responsibility to ensure your customer happiness. For returned parcel, AllSome may check in, inspect the quality and repackage based on your request.

We provide fast and reliable return and exchange services:


Product returns are collected by third party carrier company to our warehouse or distribution centre.

2.Inspect, sort and notify:

Once products have arrived, they will be inspected and sorted.

We take photos of every return products and notify you according to their conditions.

3.Resell, refurbish or disposal

After confirmed from your side, return orders will be processed in three ways:

Perfect condition — add back to inventory and ready for reselling

Defects condition — can ship returns to you for refurbishing.

Broken condition — recycle disposal or EPA approved disposal


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