How to Choose a Fulfillment Company that Perfect for Your Business

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How to Choose a Fulfillment Company that Perfect for Your Business

If you run an e-commerce business, a lot of stuff you have to do; manage order, packaging, shipping, tracking and more. It feels okay initially but if your business is growing quickly and you have the cash on hand to outsource, you may be interested in exploring third-party fulfillment company.

All the business process that involves your customer including fulfillment, you have to take seriously because it will affect your business in long-term. Here are the guidelines on what are characteristics of fulfillment company you need when considering to outsource a fulfillment company.

1.  Customer-centric

Customer satisfaction is the priority of every successful business. Every customer wants to receive a product that they bought in perfect condition. Thus, you have to choose a fulfilment company that takes care of every detail, from their beginning customer care contacts through packing and shipping and on to presenting a wonderful “unboxing” experience for every customer.

2.  Inventory Optimization

Many small and medium businesses don’t have the resources to track inventory or they just use a manual method. Hence, they are really struggling to manage inventory and keep the optimal amount of stocks. This is why they prefer to outsource fulfilment company to solve this problem.

Fulfillment company not only handle your goods but also can come out with data to analyze and evaluate the supply demand. That way, you can monitor your inventory in time to keep your business running smoothly. It will cost you less long-term, keeping your business more profitable.

3.  Technology

27% of business demand technology services from the fulfillment company in 2018. A fulfillment company that equip with advanced technology will give you additional advantages:

  • Automation: No need for manual operations of any kind.
  • Data Analytics: Learn details such as peak fulfillment times or travel distances.
  • Error reduction: No human errors, duplicate work, data entry typos.
  • Enhanced customer service: You can always answer customer inquiries with updated information.

4.  Network

If your business has customers all over the world, you need a fulfillment company that already has a big network of distribution with the major logistics hubs. A good fulfillment company will be able to fulfill all of your requirements because they have access to highways, airports, railroads, and shipping docks.

5.  Industry Specialization

Every fulfillment company is a little bit different from another and has its own specialities and focus. Some might familiar with managing clothing goods, some with jewellery goods. You can search for the fulfillment’s company background before consider to choose as your fulfillment provider.

6.  Similar Existing Clients

Try to find a fulfillment company that already experience managing with businesses similar to yours. Different business has a unique process to deal with. Experienced fulfillment company not only will be able to the fulfillment process accurately but also can assist you with any business challenges and might be able to offer advice that helps drive the business forward because they understand e-commerce in general.

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