How to Work with China Suppliers

How to Work with China Suppliers

Why China Supplier?

China is the largest export economy in the world with top export destinations to the United States, Hong Kong, Japan. Why, you may ask? Here’s an insight on why these countries, and several others, have chosen China as their major manufacturer.

The main reason that businesses would turn to China when it comes to manufacturing are:

  • Maturity & experience. The manufacturing equipments, standard operating procedures are well-established and come with experience to support your supply chain. It’s easier to communication and satisfy your manufacturing needs as you don’t have to start from the scratch.
  • High production rate. With a gigantic population in China, manpower is ever-ready to support your high production needs. The production volume and speed is something that you can expect significant difference compared to other manufacturing country.
  • Affordable cost. Although the labor cost is getting higher recently, the cost to manufacture in China is still affordable and promising.
  • Established delivery infrastructure. China come with stable export & shipping infrastructure whereby the shipping fee from China to top e-commerce countries are very competitive.

It’s Always Challenging to Manage China Suppliers

If you already have a supplier or are actively seeking for one, keep a lookout for these issues that may drag you down in the long run:

  • Deliver the wrong items. 30% of the goods received can be wrong in term of wrong size, wrong color, wrong quantity. If no proper care is given, bad packaging can cause damage in the receiving goods too.
  • Expectation vs Reality. It required great patience to negotiate and work out a quality that satisfied your expectation. Dispute can be very emotional.
  • High payment. The amount you’re paying them doesn’t add up to the poor quality service!

How AllSome Can Help!

AllSome Fulfillment are here to ease your concerns by supporting you with the best logistic service in Malaysia and even in China. We are experience in suppler coordination, secured storing, packing and delivering for you while you concentrate on sales and marketing. With AllSome Fulfillment, we will provide you with:

  • Supplier coordination. We communicate & coordinate with your suppliers and take responsibility to ensure we receive the right SKU at right quantity and within given schedule.
  • Free system integration. We’ll manage your orders; from storing, receiving orders, pick and pack, to shipping/delivery.
  • Dedicated account manager. We are just a chat-away to help you with any issues or inquiries.
  • Customizable parcel tracking information. Create a meaningful tracking experience, step-by-step, to impress your buyers.
  • Instant approval for lost parcel claim. The possibility of losing your packages are highly unlikely with AllSome. However, in the event of something unfortunate happens, you will be provided with instant compensation. Say goodbye to your current stressful claiming process

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