What You Can Sell to Help Others During COVID-19

What You Can Sell to Help Others During COVID-19

The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic since the number of affected cases continue to rise worldwide. Businesses around the world are affected, causing an impact on the global economy. But that doesn’t mean your online business has to stop. To keep a business alive you may need to study the supply and demand of current market. Since COVID-19 is a serious worldwide issue, the demand for items that help minimize the spread of the Coronavirus is extremely high. Let’s check out the items you could sell to others in need that could potentially maintain your online business!

Hand Sanitizer with Hooks


We are always reminded to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Without always being accessible to water and soap to keep our hands clean, hand sanitizers act as a substitute that gets the job done. It needs to be at least 70% alcohol in order to kill most viruses, including Coronavirus. But this is not an ordinary hand sanitizer! An extra practical addition of this product that comes in handy for consumers is the hook that comes along with it. It is attached to the bottle itself and can be hooked onto handbags, backpacks, luggages, and even key rings. This way, the user can keep your hands sanitized without having to search through the bag where it may add more germs to your hands.

Disinfectant Spray


Coronavirus is capable of living on surfaces for as long as one to three days. Hence, cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects is a step we should all take. All you have to do is spray the disinfectant onto your desired surfaces or objects, let it stay for at least two minutes before wiping it with a cloth.

Objects and surfaces consumers should disinfect:

  • Doorknobs
  • Railings
  • Table surfaces
  • Kitchen counters
  • Bathroom counters
  • Faucets and faucet knobs
  • Light switches
  • TV remote controls
  • Mobile phones
  • Laptops/computers
  • Car interior

This item however is not portable as it’s more of an at-home use. Another alternative is next in list!

Anti-Bacterial Wet Tissue


This is a product you could use on the go. Anti-bacterial wet tissue is almost like a two-in-one, where it act as a hand sanitizer and also a disinfectant for objects and surfaces. Even if you’re staying home or travelling, having an anti-bacterial with you wherever you go is an essential, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, the demand for this product is extremely high which gives you an opportunity to provide for others.

Face Masks with Design


During this challenging time, almost everyone is seen wearing a face mask to protect themselves against COVID-19. But there’s one thing you might have noticed. Everyone is wearing the same mask! Why don’t we let people throw in their creativity and wear a mask that has a design that suits their style? Although, you have to ensure these mask have the same functionality and not solely focused on its design. Now we can protect ourselves with style!

Waterproof Backpack Cover

bag cover


A waterproof backpack cover ensures your backpack is safe from soaking in water during any unfortunate circumstances. This is commonly used by motorcyclists who carry around valuable items such as laptops to protect them from the rain. Apart from it being waterproof, it also protects your bags from germs! Once used, you could take it out to clean and sanitize and it will be as good as new. Besides that, it’s lightweight and versatile which is extremely convenient! You could even keep it in your pocket.

Luggage Cover

luggage cover

A luggage cover is a piece of fabric of different colours and designs that covers the entire surface of the luggage. You can even have the covers custom made, according to your liking. Some benefits of having a luggage cover are:

  • Protect against dirt and germs
  • Easy identification
  • Avoid from scratches
  • Express personal creativity

Just like backpack covers, you can easily remove it for cleaning and disinfecting. However, airports in most countries such as China will sanitize each luggage when landed, before passing them back to their respective owners.

Clearly, these are six out of the many that can be sold to help others during this pandemic. This blog post is not meant to suggest you into taking advantage and profiting during this hard times. But it’s how you can use this time to maintain your business, as well as helping others with preventive measures for COVID-19.

Remember to stay safe and healthy! Most importantly, please stay at home in order to practice social distancing!

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