Experience Your Ever Brightest BLACK FRIDAY

Experience Your Ever Brightest BLACK FRIDAY

Black Friday isn’t just an ordinary day. It’s one of the biggest annual shopping events that no one can ever miss!

It falls on 29 November, 2019!

The scenes of customers in stores fighting over items on sale are not fiction, it genuinely happens yearly! But what does Black Friday really mean? In case you were unaware, it started in the United States and falls on the day after Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November). It marks the unofficial start for Christmas shopping, hence why everything is on sale!

It’s the day where everyone is in a crazy buying mood. From buying a pair of socks to even a 4K smart TV.

It’s an important day for all shoppers! Hence, this special day is also significantly important to online merchants! As online merchants, your sales are going through the roof and plenty of customers are reaching out to enquire and purchase your products.

Last year, AllSome experience the sleepless night with our online merchants. This year, we want to enable online merchants to sleep well throughout the hectic Black Friday. As usual, AllSome always support with actions!

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  • FREE Fulfillment
  • FREE Storage

No upfront fees. No minimum order. No additional charges!

Sounds too good to be true? Best believe we’ve got it covered for you!  It’s your chance to focus more on sales and marketing when you leave the fulfillment process to us!

Don’t miss out!

Reach us here ! We dare you want your eager customers to be impressed by you this Black Friday!

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